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Keeping Busy With A Toddler: Part IV

I hope everyone had a happy, if smaller scaled Easter this year. Here are a few more of the crafty things we’ve done at my house to keep busy these past few weeks:

Decorating Easter Eggs:


Just like our rainbow picture a few posts ago, we decided to decorate an Easter egg. This time I broke out some poms along with the tissue paper.

Painting a “Bird House”:


We will be continuing this one as we break out the paints here and there, but we are working on paining an empty oatmeal container, which we will then turn into a bird house and stick it outside with some seed… maybe. We’ll see if we ever finish it.

DIY Shadow Tube Puppets:


I saw this one online and thought I’d give it a try. We have some toilet paper and paper towel tubes that I’ve just been putting to the side. So we covered one side with clear food wrap, and then I cut out shapes to stick on. When you shine a flashlight through the tube, the shadow of the shape shines on the ceiling or wall. You could even extend this by letting the little one decorate the tubes first.

Some non-craft, household ideas:

We’ve also tried to utilize what we have around the house to keep ourselves busy. We made some cookies the other day. This was messy but fun. Instead of cutting out shapes, I let my little one roll the dough into balls and then we “threw” them at the baking pan, which seemed to entertain.

We also broke out the dominoes, which is super frustrating for the parents because all my little one wants to do it knock down whatever we build. But hey, if it works!

Stay sane all!


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