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Keeping Busy With A Toddler: Part III

Ohh it’s going to be a longggg month. But we are making it work. Here are some more quick and easy boredom busters to keep you going!



I don’t know if you have these handy but they are so much fun. Seriously follow the directions though because a little go a long way. Prep this this night before for immediate fun in the morning. You can put the waterbeads in a ziplock if your little one isn’t good about keeping things out of their mouth but if they are, the texture is so fun for the kids. Mine loves scooping from one bin to another and hiding her toys under the water beads.

Soap Bubble Snake:

I saw this one online the other day and, on one of his rare off days, my husband decided to give it a go while I worked. Basically, cut the bottom off a water bottle (sport cap bottle is better) and cover the bottom with a sock. Dip the sock in a mixture of dish soap and water and blow. It’s a lot of fun but be careful because you can only blow out, if you blow in you’ll get a mouth full of bubbles. If your little one can’t be trusted (mine can’t) to only blow out, then your best doing it for them and letting them chase the snake bubbles on a windy day.


My little one has a serious thing for rocks. She’s got a little collection lining our bookcases and likes to dig for rocks outside. So we decided to go “rock-hounding” or a toddler version of it. We went down to the lake and searched for rocks and once we had a nice pile practiced our throwing skills to make big splashes.

Alphabet Run:

We’re only two, so we really aren’t doing much with our letters yet but we are trying to get familiar with them. So I taped the alphabet down our hallway and we are going to slap a letter each time we go by. I put them at different heights to make it more fun. For older kids, you can write three letter words on a separate paper and have the kids identify the letters in the hallway.

Stay busy and safe everyone!

That’s all for now!


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