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Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

Hi Guys,

In honor of 20 years of Harry Potter all of our library branches put on themed events throughout the month. A committee put together some fun activities for us and our branch chose the scavenger hunt. Our library has put on scavenger hunts before and they tend to be a huge success with minimal effort.


For scavenger hunt number one the kids had to use clues to locate the seven horcruxes


The kids could ask the librarians for directions to certain areas of the library and use the catalog computers to find the horcruxes. This was also a good way for the kids to better familiarize themselves with the library.


Originally, this was our only scavenger hunt but I decided I also wanted something my


A lot of the kids did both hunts even though the could only get one prize. The prizes were slap bracelets from Oriental Trading.

Overall, this was a hugely successful event, even though we had some wise-guys steal some of the horcruxes halfway through the day. Gotta love a good scavenger hunt!

That’s all for now!


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