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Gingerbread Man Hunt

Hi Guys,


This week is winter break for all of the kiddies at the library and we’ve got a few different programs planned. One that I am running is a Gingerbread Man Hunt.

Every day this week, we are hiding the Gingerbread Man somewhere in the library. The kids can come to the children’s information desk for a clue. I will post all my clues in a slideshow below.


When they find the gingerbread man, they come and tell the librarian. Each day, when they find him, the kids can earn a stamp on their Gingerbread Man bookmark.

When they find him two times they earn a prize… a little gingerbread man pencil. If they find him all five times we have some bookish giveaways they can choose from.

We are a couple of days into our Gingerbread Man Hunt at the library and it is going great!

This is just a fun little hunt for the kids to do while they are at the library. It is a quick, easy, passive program that all ages can participate in. 


Some notes/suggestions if you are going to do your own gingerbread man hunt:

  1. Make sure the gingerbread man is visible and not actually hidden or else the younger ones will get frustrated.

  2. Be prepared to read the clues for the kids and make a big deal when they find the gingerbread man.

  3. Finally, make sure you put the gingerbread man somewhere high. And make sure everyone on the staff knows that they kids are to spot the gingerbread man, not to actually catch him. You don’t want to have keep putting him back in his hiding spot. The kids can tell you where he is, although they may want to show you too.


Overall, this has been a successful little program. I am excited to see if I have any kiddies come back every day this week and how many will earn the giveaways.

That’s all for now!


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