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Flip the Silver Switch

Flip the Silver Switch by Jackie Yeager is the second The Crimson Five book.

The Crimson Five–Kia, Ander, Mare, Jax, and Jillian–have soared through nationals and earned a spot at the Global Piedmont Championships. At Global’s they will complete against 99 other international teams and the top three teams will have their inventions created.

Kia is determined to win and get the ancestor app built, but are her teammates just as motivated? Has The Crimson Five travel to Quebec for the two week competition, they will encounter a whole new set of problems and will have to lean on each other more than ever!

Will The Crimson Five buckle under the pressure or will they meet the challenge and win the day?

I enjoyed Spin the Golden Lightbulb a lot. I thought it was a great book about sparking ideas and, especially, working together as a team. But Flip the Silver Switch was basically more of the same. Yes, there were a few unanswered questions from the first book that were resolved here but the team was pretty much dealing with the same problems/issues they had in the first book.

I did like that the team had to create something new and, on top of that, they had to fight Principle Bermuda. It was also nice to see how the team, teammates, reacted to the tour verses leaving their families behind. This is something kids do worry about.

As with the first book, the end wrapped up really quickly. There was a lot of build up to the story and then I felt like the competition itself went really fast. Maybe the pace picks up and I didn’t notice it but it felt quick.

Overall, this was a nice read and I think many kids will enjoy falling back into the story after reading the first book. This one gets three stars from me.

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