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Five Dark Fates

Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake is the conclusion to the Three Dark Crowns series.

After the last battle everyone is reeling. The rebellion is a mess, Jules’ legion curse is unbound, Arsinoe must find a cure, and Mirabella has disappeared. Katherine’s reign over the island is secure for now but the dead queen’s influence grows daily. Amidst it all… the mist rises.

The war of the queens has begun and it will end the way it was always meant to, with two dead queens and one living. But who will survive and what will the cost be?

It’s been a few days since I’ve finished this one and I am still not sure how I feel about it. I thought, as a conclusion it did the series justice. And there were some really great moments, which I won’t give away here. But it just wasn’t my favorite of the series. After the first two books, the series had a different feel to me. I loved the first book and the second was good too, but the last two faded a but for me.

Does anyone else feel like Blake played favorites with the Naturalists? I mean, they were my favorites too but still, so many of them survived compared to the other factions. And there felt like there were a few loose ends; things that were hinted toward but not answered.

Ultimately, I enjoyed this series a lot. I liked that we got a battle of queens and that Katherine and Arsinoe’s gifts were “misdiagnosed.” Imagine how different the journey would have been if they were brought up with others of their gift.

This was a fun series and I am excited to see what else Blake writes in the future. This one gets 3 stars from me.

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