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Finale is the third and final book in the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber.

It’s been two months since Caraval and two months since the Fates have been freed from the deck of destiny. It’s been two months since Legend has claimed the thrown. And it has been two months since Tella discovered that the boy she thought she loved was really the immortal she isn’t even sure she likes.

Sisters, Tella and Scarlett, both have a part to play in the conflict to come. What will Scarlett do with a secret that could destroy everyone she holds dear? Will Tella decide to trust Legend or follow a former foe?

The Fates are free and chaos is spilling into the world. It is time to play the greatest game of all.

This series grew on me. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the first book because everyone kept comparing it to Night Circus, which I loved and they just weren’t comparable in my mind. But the second book hooked me a bit more and I think it is because I preferred Tella’s character and her interactions with Scarlett and Legend more than Scarlett’s narrative.

It did sort of bother me that the last book wasn’t more evenly split between the sisters though. Book one was Scarlett. Book two was Tella. So I expected the third book to be more of an equal mix. But the whole first half, maybe even first three quarters of the book was Tella, Tella, Tella. Scarlett only really gets a bigger part toward the end and it was only just not enough for me to get over.

As a series though, I think the books did their job. You have your introduction, your problem and building of chaos, and then you get the action and resolution. I liked Caraval and I missed it a little bit in the last book but I also really enjoyed the Fates and the Fated objects.

This one gets a solid 3.5 stars from me.

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