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Family Storytime – We’re NOT Afraid of Monsters!

This week it was my turn to do family storytime. This is a storytime for all ages, so we do a little bit of everything. Last time, my theme was Robots so this time I went with monsters but with a twist. Our theme is “We’re NOT Afraid of Monsters!” So all my storytime activities will be about funny monsters or being brave.

Here’s what we did… I always open and close with the same routine:

  1. Song – Top of the Morning

  2. This is a good song to warm up with because we stretch all the parts we will be using in storytime. Eyes, arms, legs, mouth, nose.

  3. Rhyme – Say Hello

  4. love this rhyme. Everyone claps along and at the end we say hello how ever I tell them to. Loud, soft, quick, slow.

  5. Stretch – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

  6. I like to do a good warm-up before getting in to my theme. We do this one three times, faster each time.

Then we get into our theme:


  1. I like to incorporate American Sign Language into my storytimes. We have a large deaf community in my area and it is a great way to help foster communication in and outside of the community. We always choose three signs that go with our theme.

  2. Book – The Great Monster Hunt by Norbet Landa

  3. This is a new book for me and a bit long but it is funny and it sort of feels like we are playing the telephone game by the end.

  4. Action Song – Games Monsters Play by Sesame Street: Monsters a Monster Monstrosity

  5. This is a funny little song that you start around 00:00:39. Grover and Elmo and all of the Sesame Street monsters teach you how to be a monster.

  1. Rhyme w/ Finger Puppets – Ten Little Monsters

  2. As I mentioned in my earlier post, my monster finger puppets were too big for my hands so instead I will have them march across my flannel board to the rhyme.

  3. Felt Board Story – Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly

  4. This is the perfect story for a felt board. I even found the template here.

  5. Action Rhyme – Monster, Monster, Turn Around!

  6. A themed take on Teddy Bear Turn Around. Thanks to Storytime Katie for this one.

  7. Book – The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone

  1. I just love a good picture book where I can use voices and involve the audience!

  2. Song w/ Shakers – The Monster Mash

  3. I believe I got this one from Kidz Bop Halloween. But I figured it would be the perfect one to pass out shakers to.

Finally, I always end with the same routine:

  1. Movement Exercise – If You’re Happy and You Know It

  2. I tell the kids that I want to know how happy they are.

  3. Rhyme – Say Goodbye

  4. This is the same rhyme we started with, so the new guys are familiar with it by the end of storytime.

  5. Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell my Friends by Music Together

  6. I always put this one on as I go to open the door. Its a nice, slow, peaceful song to wind down on.

How’d it go: This one was really fun. We learned that when things seem scary we can laugh at them or tell them to go away and they won’t be scary any more! Lots of fun!

That’s all for now!


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