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Family Storytime: Bundle Up!

Hi Guys,

This was my week to do Family Storytime. This is a storytime for all ages, so we try to incorporate rhymes and activities that would appeal to a wide range of kiddies. This week my theme was: Bundle Up!

Here’s what we did:

I always start with the same warm ups:

  1. Song – Top of the Morning

  2. This is a good song to warm up with because we stretch all the parts we will be using in storytime. Eyes, arms, legs, mouth, nose.

  3. Rhyme – Say Hello

  4. love this rhyme. Everyone claps along and at the end we say hello how ever I tell them to. Loud, soft, quick, slow.

  5. Movement Exercise – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

  6. We do this three times, faster and FASTER each time.

  7. Song – Skidamarink

  8. It’s a classic, I know you all know it!

From here we get into our theme.

  1. ASL – Cold, Snow, Hat, Gloves, Coat.

  2. The past few months I’ve been teaching my family storytimers some American Sign Language signs that go along with our storytime theme. This time I picked some easy cold weather signs.


Signing Savvy is one resource I use for this.

  1. Story – Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London

  2. I cut out one of the rounds to shorten the story but if you really exaggerate the voices and sound effects it can be really fun!

  3. Song w/ Movement – Teddy Bear Turn Around

Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around.

Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground.

Teddy bear, teddy bear reach up high.

Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the sky.

Teddy bear, teddy bear reach down low.

Teddy bear, teddy bear touch your toes.

  1. Flannel Board – The Three Little Kittens

  1. A classic flannel board for the kids.

  2. Game – All the Children Were Sleeping (Hibernating<it is about that time)

  3. This is a game my mom taught me (she’s a nanny). You go “sleeping, sleeping all the children were sleeping. And when they woke up, they were ____.” Lions, tigers, bears. You get the kids to act out different movements and sounds. It’s a big hit for my kids. Remember to turn them back to boys and girls at the end!

  4. Movement Exercise – Mitten Finger Play

  5. I can’t remember the original site I found this one from but the words and movements can’t be found here.

  6. Story – Under My Hood I Have a Hat by Karla Kuskin

  1. I had super ambitions to wear every layer in this book… and then reality took hold. So instead I pretended I was putting on and off all my layers.

  2. Scarves – Toss Your Scarves by this time I really need to give my little, little ones something to do. So I pass out scarves and we wave them all around.

Toss your scarves, toss your scarves Toss them way up high. Toss your scarves up in the air, ‘til they reach the sky.

Wave your scarves, wave your scarves, Twirl them ‘round and ‘round. Twirl your scarves one more time, Then let them, all fall down.

  1. Scarves w/ Song – Let’s Go Fly a Kite

  2. Yes, the Mary Poppins song! A second song for waving our scarves.

Finally, I always end with the same three things:

  1. Movement Exercise – If You’re Happy and You Know It

  2. I tell the kids that I want to know how happy they are.

  3. Rhyme – Say Goodbye

  4. This is the same rhyme we started with, so the new guys are familiar with it by the end of storytime.

  5. Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell my Friends by Music Together

  6. I always put this one on as I go to open the door. Its a nice, slow, peaceful song to wind down on.

How’d it go: After such a small crowd for Lapsit earlier this week I did not expect to have over a hundred people in this storytime. It was quite the crowd. Everyone had a really good time and I only had one rouge baby, crawling past my super magical “do not cross” line. No tears and lots of participation. I was so proud of my signers who tried to incorporate the signs I taught them throughout storytime.

Overall, a successful if exhausting storytime!

That’s all for now!


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