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Eddie Red Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile

Eddie Red Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile by Marcia Wells is a 4-6th grade juvenile fiction novel about a smart kid who teams up with the police to catch art thieves.

Sixth grader Edmund, aka Eddie Red, has a photographic memory and some really great art skills, which makes him the perfect tool for the NYPD to use to catch a renowned group of art thieves called the Picasso Gang. But not everyone is as thrilled as Eddie is to be working with the police.

As Eddie continues to work the case, he and his genius best friend dig themselves in deeper and may find themselves in a whole lot of trouble.

This was a fun, quick read that will be an easy one for my 4-6th grade book club. It is perfect for mystery and action readers alike. It is also the first book in a series, which parents are always looking for when trying to get their kids to read more.

One of the things I love about this book is that Eddie doesn’t get all full of himself once he starts working with the police. He openly admits that he is scared and he has the same flaws any kid would have–he’s short, skinny, sometimes awkward, has to deal with bullies and school work, and a budding interest in girls that makes his hands sweat and his stomach knot. I think this is great for a middle grade read. Relatable characters that are still extraordinary are some of my favorites.

I also think the artwork inserted here and there throughout the book adds a nice touch. And for the budding artists out there, there is a short face drawing tutorial at the end.

Overall, this was a good read for 4-6th graders and though not super deep, should be a decent one for discussion. This one gets 4 stars from me.

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