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Dream Within a Dream

Dream Within a Dream by Patricia MacLachlan is a juvenile fiction book for 3-4 graders.

Every summer, Louisa (short for Louisiana) and her brother go to stay with their grandparents on a small island, while their parents track down and study rare birds. Louisa doesn’t like change but this summer something feels different.

Her brother is determined to stay on the island past the summer and Louisa makes a new friend, who makes her see the island in a new way. Something is about to happen. But what?

This book is short, sweet and calming.This is the first book I’ve read by this author in a long time.  MacLachlan writes about a girl and her family, specifically the relationship Louisa has with her aging grandparents. The story is written from Louisa’s point of view, which explains the short sentences and introspective nature of the book.

The story has a sense of calm, even when a bad storm hits the island. This may turn off some readers, who I could see becoming bored by the lack of action. But the book has a small town feel and it is probably the definition of an “easy read.”

There is a hint of romance between George and Louisa; more a sense of what’s to come as they grow up than anything actually romantic. I wouldn’t say it is quite a coming of age novel, maybe a pre-coming of age.

This was a quick, easy read that I enjoyed. I don’t think it’ll wow anyone but it was pleasant in its calming nature. This one gets a 3.5-4 stars from me.

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