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Death and Night

Death and Night by Roshani Chokshi is A Star-Touched Novella.

Every great love story has a beginning and this is the story that comes before The Star-Touched Queen. The Lord of Death, aloof and remote, ruled his kingdom with little companionship and for the most part he was content. Until the tapestry of fates showed him what was lacking in his life… a wife. But Death was cursed and doomed to live a loveless life.

Night ushered in the evening and guarded the night-time sky. She was alone and she fit in nowhere; not in the human world or in the world of the immortals. But after a chance meeting with Death, Night wondered if she could be more.

This is the story of when Night met Death.

If you’ve read my review of The Star-Touched Queen, then you will know how much I loved the story of Maya and Amar and their love that spanned lives. Death and Night is the story of how Maya and Amar, Death and Night, met and fell in love. It is full of the same flourishes and magic you find in all of Chokshi’s books. I swear, I have no idea what she is talking about half the time and yet the language just works. I don’t know if the world itself allows for this break from linguistic reason but the language itself instills magic into the work.

This was a quick, cute read. There is no excitement and none of the urgency you get in Chokshi’s other books. But this is a novella. It is meant to be light and airy and just give you more of the stories you love. It felt like a prequel to me and makes me want to go re-read or even listen to the audio book of The Star-Touched Queen.

This one gets a high 4.5 stars from me.

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