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Chasing Helicity

Chasing Helicity by Ginger Zee is a juvenile fiction book for 4-6th graders.

For as long as Helicity can remember, she’s been fascinated with weather. She follows all the blogs and studies up, so when a “whopper” of a storm turns up on her doorstep, she should have been prepared. But when her town is decimated and her brother’s throwing arm is injured, Helicity searches for meaning in the aftermath.

Promising herself that she is a “survivor, not a victim,” Helicity becomes even more determined to understand these storms and all their power. So when an opportunity to study these storms, comes her way will she put aside her fear and chase it?

Boy was this book fast. The pace was quick and many of the plot points seemed almost hastily done. For example, a lot of emphasis was placed on the strained relationship between Helicity and her super strict father, and yet there was no real blow up or conflict resolution… She makes a speech, basically berating him, and he’s suddenly “proud.” There was just a lot of build up and not always much resolution.

I did like the story, especially Helicity’s love of weather and her brother’s increasing dependency on  pain pills. But it ends quickly an with a lot of cliffhangers. Good thing the second book is out, so you can read them both together.

I’d say this one is a solid fourth even third grade read. The content can be quite serious and suspenseful but the actual reading level is a bit lower. This one gets 3 stars from me.

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