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Bridge of Souls

Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab is the third book in the Cassidy Blake series for juvenile readers.

As Cassidy Blake continues to follow her parents as then traverse haunted cities for their TV show, she thinks she’s finally getting the hang of her ghost hunting abilities. That is, until something other than ghosts begin hunting her.

Along with fellow ghost hunter, Lara, and dead best friend, Jacob, Cassidy will race through the streets and graveyards of New Orleans with only one goal in mind–don’t die.

Death is coming for Cassidy Blake and this time, there may be no way out.

This is just a fun series. The ghost elements aren’t all that scary but there are a few suspenseful moments here and there. The friendships are real and only growing stronger. But it’s the setting of the books that really make this series shine.

I just love visiting each of these well known cities and getting to see another, haunted, side to them. In the last book it was amazing to learn about all the forgotten catacombs of Paris and listen to the tales and legends, mixed with history. And the same is true of this book. We learn so much about New Orleans and it’s haunted history, that it makes you really want to visit… or at the very least know more. I just love when a book makes me what to go beyond the book to find out more.

This was also a pivotal book for Jacob and Cassidy’s relationship, which was strained in the previous book. I wouldn’t say there was a resolution by the end, but more like a satisfying stay of execution.

I don’t know if we will be getting any more of Cassidy Blake, but I hope we do. This one gets 4 stars from me.

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