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I love witty little sayings and putting a bookish spin on some of my favorite things. I used to love Monopoly when I was a kid… even if it did take forever. So creating my own bookopoly board was a must!


For the board itself, I altered the four corners to look like the regular Monopoly squares but with different, bookish sayings. Then for my spaces, I used book covers. Finally, for my “railroad” spots, I used different genres and did them in black and white so they would look like the railroad space.

I actually shortened the board to make things easier for me. That way I also didn’t have to make the chance other special spaces, like the chance spaces. Although, I am totally bummed that my police officer corner space is rotated the wrong way. But the board has been laminated and so it shall stay that way.

Throw in a few fake dollars, a witty saying–Get in the game… READ– and viola!

So. Much. Fun.

That’s all for now!


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