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Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard is the third book in The Witchlands series.

The twenty year truce has ended and war is inevitable. Safiya and Iseult have gone their separate ways, both willingly and not, and the Witchlands is on the brink of chaos. As nations collapse and evil rises, how ever will a world divided, right itself?

Annnnnd I cannot do a better summary than that. But don’t let that hinder your interest in this series! There is just so much going on and so many story-lines that there isn’t one overarching plot to summarize. One minute, I’ll be reading Safiya’s narrative and be sucked in and then next minute Iseult and Aeduan will take over and I will be equally enthralled.

This is an interesting world that Dennard has built and it is only getting more complex as the story progresses. Right now that isn’t a problem, but I am interested in seeing how everything ties together. I don’t mind diverging narratives as long they converge at some point.

I love Aeduan and Iseult’s story-line and the fact that this book was, in large part, his story was great! I swear I continued this series primarily for Iseult but the rest of the story-lines are starting to get good too. Safiya’s story is probably my least favorite and there were other’s like Styx’s, where I wanted to know more.

There’s just… a lot going on. I can see some people, especially those who don’t read fantasy a lot, getting lost. There were a few moments for me even, where I must have lost focus and needed to backtrack. But ultimately, I am really enjoying this series and I really want to see where it is going.

This one gets 4 stars from me.

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