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Baby Storytime: 9/1/2022

Hello Rhyme – Wake Up Feet

Wake up feet, wake up feet

Wake up feet and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Wake up feet, wake up feet

Wake up and wiggle in the morning.

(Also: hands, ears, knees, fingers, hips, etc.)

Literacy Tip - Sing

Singing slows language down and breaks words into syllables. Early literacy tip for caregivers-Sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” with an adult and choose the animals. Act the animals out together or use puppets or stuffed animals.

Song – Wake Up Toes by Joanie Bartels

Board Book – Where is Baby's Yummy Tummy by Karen Katz

Rhyme – Baby’s Fingers

These are baby’s fingers (touch fingers)

These are baby’s toes (touch toes)

This is baby’s belly button (touch stomach)

Round and round it goes! (tickle)

Rhyme – Dance Your Fingers

Dance your fingers up, dance your fingers down

Dance them to the side and dance them all around.

Dance them on our shoulders, dance them on your head.

Dance them on your tummy, and put them all to bed!

Prop/Flannel - Dear Zoo by Rob Cambell

Song – Open Shut Them by Super Simple Songs

Book – A Good Day by Kevin Henkes

Lift – Icka Bicka Soda Cracker

Icka bicka soda cracker, icka bicka boo

Icka bicka soda cracker, up goes you! (lift baby)

Icka bicka soda cracker, icka bicka boo

Icka bicka soda cracker, I love you! (hugs and kisses)

Bounce – Hop with Me

Hop, hop, hop along

Or bounce on someone’s knee

Higher and higher and higher and higher

Bunny-hop with me!

Song/Shakers - Silly Dance Contest by Jim Gill

Song/Bubbles - Splish Splash by You’ve Got Mail

Goodbye Rhyme – See You Later Alligator

See you later, alligator (Wave goodbye)

In a while, crocodile

Give a hug, ladybug (Hug yourself)

Blow a kiss, jellyfish (Blow a kiss)

See you soon, big baboon

Out the door, dinosaur (March)

Take care, polar bear

Wave goodbye, butterfly (Wave goodbye)

Song – Clean It Up by Laurie Berkner

Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell by K. Guilmartin

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