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Baby Storytime: 8/18/2022

Hello Rhyme – Everybody Count One

Everybody count one, ONE!

Storytime has just begun,

Everybody count two, TWO!

Shake your shoulders, show your shoes,

Everybody count three, THREE!

Listen very carefully,

Everybody count four, FOUR!

And put your bottoms on the floor.

Literacy Tip - WRITE

Writing helps children to understand that words have meaning. Early literacy tip for caregivers-Have the child draw a picture, now write the word associated with each object.

Song – Tap Your Toes by Susan Salidor

Board Book – Trains Go by Steve Light

Rhyme – Baby Hokey Pokey

You put your arms up

You put your arms down

You put your arms up

And you wave them all around

You tickle, tickle, tickle

And you wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Baby that’s what it’s all about.

(Legs up, Baby up)

Rhyme – This Little Train

The little train ran up the track (run fingers up arm)

Toot, toot, toot (make train noises)

And then it came toot-tooting back (run fingers down arm)

Toot, toot, toot (make train noises)

Prop/Flannel - All Around the Mulberry Bush

All around the Mulberry Bush, The monkey chased the weasel. The monkey stopped to pull up his sock, Pop! goes the weasel.

Half a pound of tuppenny rice, Half a pound of treacle. Mix it up and make it nice, Pop! goes the weasel.

Song – Scarves Up and Down and Around by Johnette Downing

Book – Freight Train by Donald Crews

Lift – Roly Poly

Roly poly, roly poly

Up, up, up

up, up, up

Roly roly poly

roly roly poly

down, down, down

down, down, down

Bounce – I Bounce You Here

I bounce you here, I bounce you there

I bounce you, bounce you everywhere.

I tickle you here, I tickle you there

I tickle you, tickle you everywhere.

I hug you here, I hug you there

I hug you, hug you everywhere.

Song/Shakers - Mr. Sun by Raffi

Song/Bubbles - Splish Splash from You’ve Got Mail

Goodbye Rhyme – With My Little Hands

With my little hands I go clap, clap, clap

With my little feet I go tap, tap, tap

With my little arms I wave bye, bye, bye

With my little legs I kick high, high, high

With my little eyes I play peek-a-boo

With my little mouth I say “I love you”

Song – Clean It Up by Laurie Berkner

Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell by K. Guilmartin

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