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Baby Storytime: 8/11/2022

Hello Rhyme – H.E.L.L.O

Let’s clap and say hello…

H.E. L. L. O.

H.E. L. L. O.

H.E. L. L. O.

Let’s clap and say good morning.

Literacy Tip - TALK

Talking to a child will build their vocabulary and storytelling skills. Use unfamiliar words and explain their meaning. Early literacy tip for caregivers- Have a grownup narrate what they are doing to baby—for example—we are getting ready to go to the store, so we need to put your shoes and coat on, get Mommy’s purse and car keys, lock the door, etc.

Song – One Little Finger by Super Simple Songs

Board Book – Count with Little Fish by Lucy Cousins

Rhyme – The Waves in the Sea

The waves on the sea go up and down, [Raise and lower arms.]

Up and down, up and down,

The waves on the sea go up and down all day long.

The shark in the sea goes snap snap snap… [Clap your hands.]

The fish in the sea go swish swish swish… [Swish back and forth.]

The boats in the sea go toot toot toot… [Make blowing horn motion.]

Rhyme – Tiny Tim

I had a little turtle

His name is Tiny Tim

I put him in the bathtub

To see if he could swim.

He drank up all the water

He ate up all the soap

And now he’s home sick in bed with bubbles in his throat!

Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble POP!

Prop/Flannel - Five Little Fishes

5 little fishes swimming in the sea.

First one said, “Come swim with me!”

Second one said, “This sea is deep.”

Third one said, “I want to sleep.”

Fourth one said, “Let’s dive and float.”

Fifth one said, “I see a boat!”

The fishing boat comes.

The line goes splash.

And away those 5 little fishes dash.

Rhyme – Ten Fingers

I have ten fingers hold up both hands, fingers spread

And they all belong to me, point to self

I can make them do things

Would you like to see?

I can shut them up tight make fists

I can open them wide open hands

I can put them together place palms together

I can make them all hide put hands behind back

I can make them jump high hands over head

I can make them jump low touch floor

I can fold them up quietly fold hands in lap

And hold them just so.

Song – If Your Happy and You Know It by Raffi

Book – One lonely fish: A Counting Book with Bite! by Thomas Flintham

Lift – Toast in the Toaster

Toast in the toaster

Getting very hot!

Tick-tock, tick-tock

Up you pop!

Bounce – Tiny Little Babies

Tiny little babies love bouncin’ bouncin’

Tiny little babies love bouncin’, yeah

Tiny little babies love bouncin’, bouncin’

Tiny little babies love bouncin’ so

Bounce to the left, bounce to the right

Now hug that baby nice and tight!

Song/Shakers - Baby Shark by Pinkfong

Song/Bubbles - Bathtime Magic by Laurie Berkner

Goodbye Rhyme – See You Later

See you later, alligator (Wave goodbye)

In a while, crocodile

Give a hug, ladybug (Hug yourself)

Blow a kiss, jellyfish (Blow a kiss)

See you soon, big baboon

Out the door, dinosaur (March)

Take care, polar bear

Wave goodbye, butterfly (Wave goodbye)

Song – Clean It Up by Laurie Berkner

Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell by K. Guilmartin

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