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Baby Storytime – 3/19/18

Time for another weekly baby storytime. This is a storytime for 0-12 months. Here is what I planned for this week:

  1. Welcome Rhyme – Welcome, welcome

  2. Since my group has been big lately, I have switched to this easy rhyme as an intro. It goes to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Welcome, welcome everyone. Now you’re here, we’ll have some fun. First we’ll clap our hands just so. Then we’ll bend and touch our toes. Welcome, welcome everyone. Now you’re here, we’ll have some fun!

  1. ASL – Hello Friends

  2. I like to use sign language in my story time. We go over the signs for: Hello, Friends, Time and Say. Thanks to Jbrary for this one!

  3. Movement Song – Skidamarink

  4. Who doesn’t love a good song with easy movements, repetition and a catchy tune. Also, I feel like this is a good warm up.

  5. Board Book – “Peek-a-Moo” by Marie Torres Cimarusti 

  1. I got enough copies of this one so we could all flip the flaps together. I feel like stories where the babies can interact, is the bread and butter of baby storytime.

  2. Song w/ Scarves – Flitter Flutter by Johnette Downing

  3. I love this song and it the perfect one to pass out scarves and flitter and flutter along with.

  4. Rhyme w/ Scarves – Toss Your Scarves

Toss your scarves, toss your scarves Toss them way up high. Toss your scarves up in the air, ‘til they reach the sky.

Wave your scarves, wave your scarves, Twirl them ‘round and ‘round. Twirl your scarves one more time, Then let them, all fall down.

  1. Big Book – “Mice Squeak, Mice Speak” by Tommie DePaola

  1. Easy book with lots of fun animal sounds.

  2. Movement Rhyme – Open and Shut Them

  3. An easy rhyme to practice opening and closing those fingers.

  4. Song w/ Movements – Hands are for clapping by Jim Gill

  5. Another favorite of mine with movement prompts perfect for the little ones.

  6. Bounce – Going up and down in an elevator

  7. I can’t go through a baby storytime without at least one bounce.

  8. Rhyme – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  9. A nice rhyme to start slowing things down.

  10. Song w/ Bubbles – Bubbles by Parachute Express

  11. Bubbles are now a staple of my baby storytime.

  12. ASL – Goodbye Friends

  13. We learn to say goodbye in ASL and use the same signs and song as our hello.

  14. Song – Goodbye, So long, Farewell My Friends by Music Together

  15. Just a slow, goodbye song I always put on as I open the doors to say goodbye.

How’d it go: I reorganized a little bit and instead of a circle, I put the chairs in rows and I stood up front. I’m not quite ready to make this a ticketed storytime, so we’ll see how this goes. So far so good. I just love baby storytime. The more bounces and movement rhymes the better!

That’s all for now!


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