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Ash and Quill

Ash and Quill by Rachel Caine is the third book in The Great Library series. Since finding out the dark secrets behind the Great Library, Jess and his friend have been running for their lives. After escaping the Library’s clutches yet again, the gang has run straight into yet more danger. Now they are hostages within the walls of Burner run Philadelphia. But Jess and his friends have cards to play and the know-how to build a machine that could turn the tide of conflict forever.

As time is running out, the crew must decide how far they are willing to go to stop the Archivist and restore the Great Library to it’s original glory. Will Jess be willing to give up everything to do what he knows is right? And will this group of rebels finally reach it’s breaking point?

This is such an interesting series. I just love thinking about what the world would be like if it were run by an epic library. It’s even more fun to think about the corruption within the Library that Caine writes about. One doesn’t think about a library and immediately think about politics and power struggles, so it’s just neat to contemplate.

Introducing the Burner community in this book adds another layer to the story. We see that they aren’t just evil book burning brute, but that they are real people with real concerns who have been led by fanatics for too long… much like the Great Library.

There were parts of the story that did drag for me a little bit. I kept wondering if we were going to be stuck in Philadelphia for the whole book or if we were ever going to see the gang actually strike against the Library–put plans into action. The last hundred pages definitely gave me what I was craving and we got to see more of Jess at his best… or worst depending on how you see it.

This book definitely sets the stage for the epic–I won’t say final because there are two books left–battle to come. In the books to come I foresee twists, turns and a lot of intrigue.

This one was a wow like the first book but it was an entertaining read, so I am still going to give it four stars. A fun read for book and dystopian lovers. This one is technically a young adult fiction but adults will enjoy it too!

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