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Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston is the first book in a juvenile fiction fantasy series for 4-6th graders.

When thirteen-year-old Amari Peters' big brother went missing six months ago, her world was turned upside-down. Quinton was the golden boy of the neighborhood; always acing his exams, getting scholarships and lucking out on amazing opportunities. He was also a great big brother, which is why Amari knows her brother didn't do anything illegal. So, why can't anyone find him.

When Amari finds a ticking briefcase in her brother's closet, she uncovers that Quinton was leading a fantastical life and that he left her a special nomination for a summer tryout at the secret Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Now Amari is determined to find a place in the bureau so that she help find her brother but that'll be easier said than done.

This one was recommended to me by one of the kids who attend my book club and because this is the year of "trying" to actually read more recommendations, I decided to give it a go. And it was quite a fun read. It reminded me of a modern, female version of Artemis Fowl.

The world building in this book is great. The reader isn't overwhelmed with the intricacies of the universe and yet, you get just enough so that you know what is going on, can build a picture in your mind of a world that makes sense and have a foundation built for subsequent books. But I think the real shining star of this book is Amari.

Amari is a strong, confident character, who doesn't let anyone put her down. Yes, she has some self doubt, but that only makes her more relatable. She sees the world around her for what it is and how she could help make it better. I appreciated her view of the world and the way she approached problems.

Overall, this was a strong first novel in a new middle grade series. This one gets a high 4 stars from me.

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