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All the Impossible Things

All the Impossible Things by Lindsay Lackey is a juvenile fiction book for 4-7th grade.

Red's power over the winds come from her mother. But, unlike her mother, she cannot control the storm of emotions that cause her winds to wreak havoc. And being in foster care, moving from place to place, while her mother is in prison, makes controlling her winds even harder.

When Red is placed with the Grooves, an oddball couple who run a petting zoo, her winds feel different. Celine and Jackson Groove are the understanding and caring foster parents, Red has never had. And with unique gifts of their own, Red may just have found a place to call home until her mom gets out.

But just when Red begins to hope again, her mother sets Red off and this time, her storm may just blow it all away.

This was a strong, heartfelt book that is both sad, realistic and hopefully all in one. Some juvenile fiction is just as powerful for adults as it is for the children and I think this book falls into that category. It was really just a great read.

I would definitely consider this book magical realism, which is one of the things I love about it. Juvenile fiction, in my opinion, is lacking in really good magical realism. Most stray too far into fantasy or just not far enough. But All the Impossible Things embraces the genre and has such a wonderful balance.

I love how Red's emotions are tied to the wind. The wind seems like the perfect force to describe the way an adolescence feels, let alone adolescence occurring in foster care. Skies can be clear, the breeze warm, and then suddenly a storm rolls in. There are so many wonderful descriptions of the wind and Red's feelings throughout this book.

I really enjoyed this one. This book gets 5 stars from me.

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