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A Conjuring of Light

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab is the final installment in the Shades of Magic trilogy. Darkness is on the rise and hope is dwindling. The Dark King had invaded Red London, taking control of it’s citizens and slowly sucking up all of it’s magic. Now it is up to Kell, Lila, Holland and the rest of their allies to find a way to stop and unstoppable evil.

In the conclusion to this magical roller-coaster, powers will be tested and loyalties will be questioned. Will Kell and Lila find the power to keep the evil at bay? Will a kingdom fall? Will darkness rise?

So I’ve been following this series from the beginning in audio. It’s been an interesting one to listen to. I really like the voice actors; they did a great job, especially the male actor who gave just a little something different to each character. For a book with a lot of world building and magic, the audiobook was still an easy listen.

A lot happens in this book. We don’t get the background and world building we get in the first one. We don’t get the epic tournament of magic we get in book two. In this one we get a quest, a quest to overcome evil and save the day. But like with any quest, the costs are still high. This was probably my least favorite book of the three but it wasn’t a bad read.

I’m still amazed at the world building in this series as a whole. Even in this final book, Schwab is still forming her world and introducing more and more interesting elements. I really loved the boat market and wish we got to see more of it. There were also characters built up in this one, the King, the Queen who became really dynamic and forces to be reckoned with.

There were a few side stories and pieces that felt like they were added just to be added but it didn’t hinder the story much, just drew it out a bit. And I was surprised to see that this ended up being one of those books that actually wrapped up each plot line. There was a little epilogue-ish tie up for each of the characters, which certain readers will appreciate.

Overall, this was a satisfying series. As a whole I’d probably give the series 4 stars. This book specifically gets 3.5 from me.

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