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Rage by Cora Carmack is the second book in the Stormheart trilogy.

Aurora or Roar as she is known to the storm hunters she travels with is hiding a big secret, one that she can’t run from any longer. Aurora is a princes and heir to the kingdom of Pavan, a kingdom that has been taken over by the Locke’s–cruel stormlings, one of which was to be her betrothed, that is until she ran away.

With the storm hunters, Aurora found adventure, love and her true self. Aurora is not just a princess, she is a fighter, with magical abilities greater than many have seen before. Now it is up to her to return home and save her kingdom but it will come at a cost.

Will Aurora lose the family she has found in the hunters when she reveals her secret? Will she lose the trust, the love of the only man who has ever seen her for who she truly is? And when all that is answered, will she have the strength to not only protect her kingdom from within but from without as well?

One of the things I like most about this series is the world that Carmack has created. I just love this idea of souls who wander and become so lost that they turn into storms. I like that it’s not the living people who have storm power but the deceased. The living must battle, or in Aurora’s case sooth, the spirits of the storms in order to survive. Such a neat idea.

For me, this second book lacked the draw and tensions of the first book. I loved reading about the storm hunter’s travels and how they chased stormhearts. I liked witnessing Aurora finding her place in the crew and seeing her relationships grow. The crew obviously was going to get pulled into the “bigger” battle but I guess I saw it happening in a different way.

The second half of this book picked up a lot of speed for me and left me wanting to know how the story is going to end. Too bad Goodreads doesn’t even have a placeholder for the next book yet. Sigh.

Rage was a good story but I hope to see more of Aurora’s fire in the final book. This one gets a high 3.5 from me.

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