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Lapsit Storytime-10/17/16

Hi Guys,

Time for a week of storytime! This morning we had LapSit. LapSit is for babies up to 11 months. This is probably my favorite group of kiddies to work with. The giggles, the bouncing and my grownups are usually more involved. LapSit is also pretty easy to plan; repetition is so important, that I usually use the same core rhymes and just change up the stories and a rhyme here or there. Regardless, it’s always lots of fun!

Here’s a list of what we did:

  1. Rhyme – Welcome, Welcome Everyone

  2. This is to the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star and it is my way to welcome my crew to storytime.

Welcome, welcome everyone

Now you’re here, we’ll have some fun!

First we’ll clap our hands just so,

Then we’ll bend and touch our toes.

Welcome, welcome everyone

Now you’re here, we’ll have some fun!

  1. ASL – Hello Friends

  2. I like to use sign language in my story time. We go over the signs for: Hello, Friends, Time and Say. Thanks to Jbrary for this one!

  3. Movement Exercise – Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

  4. I like to get warmed up with this classic.

  5. Song w/ Movement – Roll, Roll, Roll Your Hands

  6. This is a song with easy movements that can help with dexterity.

Roll, roll, roll your hands

As fast as fast can be

Do it now, let me see. Do it now with me.

(repeat with verses for clapping hands, tapping feet, and shaking legs)

  1. Movement Exercise – The  Itsy Bitsy Spider

  2. This is a classic everyone knows and another great one for getting those fingers moving.

  3. Story – Clip Clop by Nicola Smee

  1. I have the grownups bonce the kids on their laps whenever the story goes “Clip, clop, clippity clop.” Makes it more interactive for the kids.

  2. Bounce – This is the way the lady rides

  3. This is one of my most popular bounces. We get faster and faster with each verse.

This is the way the lady rides

Lady ride, lady rides.

This the way on her way to town. 

Repeat with Gentleman, Doctor and Cowboy.

Felt Board – Three Little Kittens

  1. I don’t normally do felt boards for my LapSit crew but we gave it a go today. It was OK, but I think we will stick to interactive stories for this age group.

  2. Song – Hands are for Clapping by Jim Gill

  3. Just a quick song with prompts, to give my voice a break.

  4. Bounce – Going Up and Down in an Elevator

  5. Obviously we like our bounces. Baby goes up and down as you do the rhyme.

Going up and down in an elevator

Up and down in an elevator

Up and down in an elevator

First floor, second floor, third floor, Yay!

  1. Song with Scarves – Let’s Go Fly a Kite from Mary Poppins

  2. I like to switch between a song with shakers and a song with scarves. This week we went with the scarves. They’re my personal favorite.

  3. Movement Rhyme – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

  4. We slow things down with this rhyme and get ready to say goodbye.

  5. ASL – Goodbye Friends

  6. We learn to say goodbye in ASL and use the same signs and song as our hello.

  7. Song – Goodbye, So long, Farewell My Friends by Music Together

  8. Just a slow, goodbye song I always put on as I open the doors to say goodbye.

How’d it go: This was a smaller Lapsit crew then usual. We had to change the normal date due to a holiday. On top of being a smaller crew I only had three babies–which is really weird!–the rest were outside of my 0-11/mo age range. But we adapted and anytime the babies were supposed to bounce on our grownups laps, the older kiddos jumped up and down or bounced in their seats.

Overall, a successful storytime.

That’s all for now!


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