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Winter Display

Hi Guys,

It’s new display time at the library!

I tend to change the four windows into the children’s room seasonally and occasionally for some special holiday displays. I figured it was time to get a winter display up there.

First thing I did was pick out some bookish puns– Reading in a winter wonderland… & Chill out with a good book!

Then I made some simple trees, using green triangles and then I laminated everything.

Finally, I made my snowflakes. I took fishing line and

threaded them through different sized cotton balls. You have to thread them through and then do a loop back through or else the cotton will move on the lines. I made twenty total, five for each window.

This is like the worst lit area of the library and it looks so much better in person then in these pictures. I really need to convince them to get some spot lights!

And that’s about it! Came out pretty good if I do say so myself.


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That’s all for now!


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