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The Library of Fates

The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana is a standalone young adult science fiction & fantasy novel about fate, destiny and the lengths one would go to change it.

Shalingar is an idyllic kingdom, quiet and peaceful. That is until Emperor Sikander arrives, an emperor whose hunger for power knows no bounds. To keep her city safe, Princess Amrita agrees to be the Emperor’s bride, giving up her family, her freedom and her childhood love. But a bride isn’t all the emperor is after and peaceful talks soon turn hostile.

Now Amrita is forced to run from her home and her only companion is a young oracle named Thala. Together they must warn the people of Shalingar. But life takes a surprise turn when Amrita uncovers secrets about her family, her past and her future. Can Thala and Amrita find The Library of Fates and change their own before it is too late?

This one was interesting for me. I was really looking forward to reading The Library of Fates and I did enjoy it but I sort of felt like I was reading two different books. The first 25% of the book was one story, believable, realistic–a story about a girl, looking for answers, who is about to lose her freedom to an arranged marriage. Then the bulk of the middle blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural. And finally, the last 25% of this book is full of magic and myths becoming reality. I didn’t quite think there was enough of a transition between the first and last parts of the book to make this feel natural.

Another problem I had with this book was that there were loose ends throughout the story that I would have liked to have solved along the way, rather than being solved by altering the structure of the story. Can’t say anymore without spoilers. Don’t get me wrong these loose ends did get solved in a way but not how I would have liked.

All the above being said, I loved the last half of this book. It was magical fantastical in just the ways I like. I do wish that some of these scenes were fleshed out a bit more… in fact much of the book could have had a little more to it. Maybe that was what was missing for me… more.

I did like this idea that some things are fated and some can be changed. We can make our own decisions but things don’t always end up like we think they will.

This one gets three stars from me.

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