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My Many Colored Capes: Folder Story

Hi Guys,

I have a superhero themed storytime coming up and I always like to incorporate some type of flannel or prop into the program. After doing some digging online, I have to say that I was so impressed with a folder story I found on Storytime Katie’s, Flannel Friday. Adapted from Carissa Christner’s script, this wonderful story was turned into a quick and easy folder story, so of course I just had to create my own.

Not wanting steal any images, I drew my own super hero on a colored manila folder. I then cut out the cape so that as I switched the paper in the folder, the cape would seem to change colors. I taped the words onto the back of the folder and ta-da! Such an easy addition to any storytime!

My Many Colored Capes

By Carissa Christner, 2009

My cape of bravery Goes over my head It makes me feel bold And its color is __________ (red)

My cape of honesty Makes villains speak true And chases out lies Its color is ___________(blue)

My cape of fairness Conquers those who are mean It makes me feel strong And its color is _________ (green)

My cape of calmness Makes me feel mellow It quiets the world And its color is ____________(yellow)

My cape of wisdom Helps me to think And solve tricky problems Its color is __________(pink)

My favorite cape Gives me a nice glow Its all these great colors—In a RAINBOW!!!

I like to include some type of interactive element to my stories, so between each of the stanzas of the story, I created a sign and the kids will yell: Up! Up! And… AWAY!


We’ll see how it goes! I’ll let you know in my next storytime post!

That’s all for now!


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