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Keeping Busy with a Toddler: Part V

We’ve had a slow week, reusing some of our other crafts, but here’s what’s new at my house to keep the little one going…

Mother’s Day Craft:


We did some hand print art for Mother’s Day for our Grandma and Mimi. I let my little one paint her own hand and then we pressed them down. I recommend having something they can smear after you force them to make nice hand prints. Annnnd I realized after scheduling this post that my mom will probably see it before she get’s the picture… Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Cushion fun:

Probably not my safest idea ever but cushion climbing and bouncing were hours of fun at my house. I keep getting asked to play “the game.” I generally wait for daddy to be home though to make it safer.

Sorting Egg Carton Fun:

I saved a large egg carton and we’ve been sorting all sorts of things into it–from water beads to our rock collection. You can use the egg carton to sort and count as well, but we just enjoyed filling up the spaces.

More Fun:

We’ve also been painting in different locations, like outside on the bricks. We’ve gone on lots of walks with our stuff puppy. We are also slowly working on creating our own fairy garden in an unused spot along the side of the house. I purchased one plastic play garden and now we are gathering sticks and rocks to paint and make houses out of. It’s a slow process but something we are picking up things for on our copious mini-walks.

What’s everyone else doing?

That’s all for now!


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