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Holy Sister

Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence is the third and final Book of the Ancestor.

Sometimes, it is the long game that matters most.

Nona Grey was saved from execution as a young girl and brought to the Convent of the Sisters of Sweet Mercy. But Nona did not learn to lead a life of pray, instead she learned to reach the path and the way of the blade an the fist. She was raised to be a warrior, for warriors are what is needed as the corridor closes and the end nears.

Now Nona must become the convents fiercest warrior. She must harness every skill she has learned in order to protect the home she has come to love as well as the friends she has made. But destiny and prophecy can be funny things.

Will Nona have the strength to do what must be done? Will the Sisters of Sweet Mercy be able to weather the coming storm? Everything has lead up to this moment and win or lose…. there will be blood.

Seriously, I just LOVE this series. I am so bummed it is over. Lawrence just has such a knack for detail when it comes to those epic battle and fight scenes, I don’t know how he can both picture it and get it down on paper so well! You thought Nona kicked but in the previous books, well you ain’t seen nothing yet.

There is just a wonderful mesh of story and action that go so well with each other. And pretty much all the paths lead to the final moment. You get this surprising conclusion where all the pieces come together without being told every little detail. And yet, there are still things to wonder about.

One day, I am going to listen to all three of these audio books back to back to back because I think you’d really get all those little connections better that way. Regardless, thank you Lawrence for your mini recap in the beginning. Totally appreciated that!

This was just a series that was right up my ally. I don’t know if it is for everyone but I really enjoyed it. 5 stars from me.

That’s all for now!


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