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Family Storytime – 11/16/19 – Rabbits

Family Storytime – 11/16/19 – Rabbits

Why rabbits? I have no idea. I was just in a rabbit mood.

  1. Song – Top of the Morning

  2. This is a fun tune and great for waking up and doing a little stretching. It’s called Top of the Morning.

  3. Hello Rhyme – Say Hello

  4. This is a great rhyme for saying hello because we get to do it in so many fun ways!

  1. Song/Stretch – Can’t Sit Still! by Greg & Steve

  2. Greg and Steve is my jam now. Ha!


  4. I always teach three or four signs based on our theme in my family storytimes. Check out Signing Savvy or Baby Sign Language to learn these signs.

  5. Book – Big Bunny by Rowboat Watkins

  6. I thought this one was awesome and I cannot wait to try it out!

  7. Rhyme – Bunny Ears

  8. This maybe a little young for the group but it is a nice easy movement rhyme.

Bunny ears up (arms up) Bunny ears down (arms down) Bunny ears wiggling (wiggle arms) All around! (tickle baby)

  1. Activity/Song – Party Freeze Dance Song

  2. My little one loves this song, so I figured I’d give it a try for this crew.

  3. Rhyme – Little Bunny in a Hat

  4. This can be a finger play or a prop. It’s really fun if you can actually make the bunny come out of a hat.

Little bunny in a hat Sitting so still Will it come out? Yes it will! It looks to the left It looks to the right It looks straight ahead And pops out of sight. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL2WpC8dDRc)

  1. Flannel/Prop –  Have you ever seen a bunny

  1. I created colored bunnies for a magnet board.

Have you ever seen a RED bunny, A RED bunny, a RED bunny, Have you every seen a RED bunny, Go hop, hop, hop, hop.

(Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green) https://klmpeace.wordpress.com/2011/09/16/the-giant-carrot-flannel-friday/ 

  1. Book – Bunny Fun by Sarah Weeks

  2. Sarah Weeks is one of my favorite picture book authors for reading aloud. Great rhyme and interactive stories. For this one I am going to have the kids yell out “Bunny Fun!”

  3. Rhyme –  Hop with me

  4. This one can be a lap bounce or an action rhyme.

Hop, hop, hop along Or bounce on someone’s knee Higher and higher and higher and higher Bunny-hop with me! Hop Like a Bunny

  1. Song/Shakers – Dance, Dance, Dance by Joanie Bartels

  2. We always have to break out our shakers at some point!

  3. Rhyme – If You’re Happy and You Know It

  4. I’ll include this one if we have time but with my speaker, I want to wrap up a little quicker than normal.

  5. Rhyme – Say Goodbye

  6. This is the same rhyme we started with, so the new guys are familiar with it by the end of storytime.

  7. Song – Clean It Up! by The Laurie Berkner Band

  8. Everyone helps put our shakers away.

  9. Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell my Friends by Music Together

  10. I always put this one on as I go to open the door. Its a nice, slow, peaceful song to wind down on.

How’d it go:

Haha! I don’t think everyone found Big Bunny as funny as I did, but I got a kick out of it and I used a puppet to practice my, no where near talented, ventriloquist skills. I had fun, so hopefully everyone else did too!

That’s all for now!


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