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Building Robots – Flannel Board

Hi Guys,

For my robot themed storytime this Saturday, I wanted to do a flannel board but didn’t want to do five little robots. So instead I decided we would build our own robots together using shapes.

What we are going to do is identify the shapes and colors I have on my flannel board. Then I am going to ask the kids to choose a shape and color for the head, the arms, the legs, etc. and we will do this a couple of times and make different types of robots.

A little plug for diversity… at the end you can explain that, just like people, robots come in all different “shapes,” “colors,” and sizes. —get what I did there!

For my flannel, I just robot-ish colors of red, blue, grey, white and yellow. For some reason, those colors just screamed robot to me. Then I cut out different shapes and sizes. Finally, I created a mouth and eyes to use for each robot we made.

Here are two samples of robots I made as examples:

We’ll see how it goes on Saturday!

That’s all for now!


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