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Books Are Smashing!!!

Hey Guys!

Throughout the month of December and early January my library system is throwing a bunch of superhero, comic themed programs in the hopes of promoting our first Library Con, which is being held the end of January. We are putting up posters, doing displays and just trying to do a lot of fun tie-ins.

My library is doing a super hero party over winter break but I had some time the other day and thought I’d put up a new super hero themed bulletin board.

Books Are Smashing!!!


Please tell me you all get the Hulk reference!

This was super easy to do. I drew some bricks on my red background. Cut out some black cracks to make it look like my Hulk hand was punching through the wall and ta-da! The colors are a little funky, the light above the board went out as I was doing the display.

I was also irrationally happy to be able to use one of my new black boarders. I finally got a whole box of different color boarder rolls, so now I don’t have to create my own misshaped ones.

Let me know what you think!

That’s all for now!


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