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Book of Night by Holly Black

Book of Night by Holly Black is a dark, science fiction/fantasy novel for adults.

Charlie Hall lives in a world of shadows. In this world, shadows can be manipulated for fame, wealth or power; but they can also be stolen and using your shadow, always comes with a price. Charlie is a con-artists and stays away from shadow manipulators--Glooms. She bartends and takes the odd freelance job, steeling rare books or infiltrating places she should really stay out of. When her past comes back to haunt her, Charlie is determined to not only stay alive, but to get even.

Can Charlie fight the shadow of her past and come out unscathed?

I really like Holly Black's writing style. She's very readable but her writing has this dark edge that pulls you in. He female characters are strong in their convictions, pretty self aware of their flaws and yet, they still seem like people and not fictional characters.

I feel like I am supposed to be reading into the shadows; that what people decide to do with their shadows, ultimately tells you something about their character. I think you could totally argue this point in a book discussion group.

Reading some of the other reviews of this book, I think this is going to be one people either love or hate. I personally, like a little edge and darkness in my fiction and I think Book of Night has a grittiness to it, that appeals to me. If it weren't for that final chapter, I would have been totally happy with this book as a standalone. But those last few pages! Guess I'll be waiting to see where this one is heading in the sequel. I give this one a high four stars.

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