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Baby Storytime: 9/23/19 – Scarves 

Baby Storytime: 9/23/19 – Scarves

We’re breaking out those scarves today and boy are we going to get some use out of them!

  1. Hello Rhyme

  2. This is one I got from Jbrary. You teach the ASL signs for “hello, friends, time & say.” Then you all do it together. September is Deaf Awareness Month, so it is also an appropriate time to break this one out.

Hello friends, Hello friends, It’s time to say hello.


  1. For my babies I teach them three vocabulary words in American Sign Language each week. We do a lot of repeats and stick to the easy movement signs. I generally use Baby Sign to check my signs.

  2. Song –  Hands are for clapping by Jim Gill

  3. I tend to rotate between a few different warm up songs and I love all of them!

  4. Board Book – Steam train, dream train colors by Rinker, Sherri Duskey

  5. I pass out these board books to encourage one-on-one reading and interaction with the story. This one’s fun because of the colors!

  6. Rhyme – Popcorn Kernels

  7. This is a fun one and a surprise for the babies when the scarves pop out!

Popcorn Kernels (wave scarves overhead) In the pot (make their scarves ‘disappear’ by bunching in your fists) Shake them shake them shake them (shake fists) ’til they POP (Toss scarves up into the air) (

  1. Song –  Shake Your Scarves by Johnette Downing

  2. This is a fun song with scarf shaking prompts.

  3. Rhyme – Peek-a-book

  4. We are going to do this classic peek-a-book with our hands and our scarves.

Peek-a-boo, I see you. I see you hiding there. Peek-a-boo, I see you. I see you hiding there. (

  1. Rhyme – This is the way we wash our face

  2. Another great one to do with our scarves!

This is the way we wash our face, Wash our face, wash our face. This is the way we wash our face so early in the morning. (crumple the scarf up and use it to “wash” the baby’s face – repeat with other body parts; knees, tummies, toes…) (

  1. Rhyme –One Bright Scarf

  2. I did this one with my family storytime a few weeks ago and it was hit or miss. Let’s see how the babies like it.

One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow (hold in hand) Wiggle it high (wiggle scarf above head) Wiggle it low (wiggle scarf by knees) Shake it fast (wiggle scarf quickly) Shake it slow (wiggle scarf slowly) Put it behind your back, Where did it go? (bring out empty hands) (

  1. Book – From Head to Toe by Eric CarleFigured we’d take a break from the scarves and move our bodies.

  2. Lift – I’m a Rocket

  3. Time to work those muscles!


I’m a rocket on the ground (crouch down on ground). Waiting quietly without a sound (say softly and put finger to lips) The countdown’s starting. (start bouncing) I’m ready to go… (put hands over head to form rocket point). 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Blastoff! (Jump into air) Outer Space – Preschool Storytime

  1. Bounce – Tiny Little Babies

  2. We also love our bounces!

Tiny little babies love bouncin’ bouncin’ Tiny little babies love bouncin’, yeah Tiny little babies love bouncin’, bouncin’ Tiny little babies love bouncin’ so Bounce to the left, bounce to the right Now hug that baby nice and tight!

  1. Song/Scarves – Flitter Flutter by Johnette Downing

  2. And we’ll break out our scarves for one last song!

  3. Song/Bubbles – Splish Splash by Mr. AI

  4. When we track bubbles with our eyes we are strengthening the eye muscles we later use for reading.

  5. Goodbye Rhyme – ASL Goodbye

  6. We end the same way we started except we learn the sign for goodbye instead of hello.

  7. Song – Clean It Up by Laurie Berkner

  8. Song – Goodbye, So Long, Farewell by K. Guilmartin

How’d it go:

Phew! We were definitely scarf-ed out after this storytime. I actually brought out the shakers at the end, just for some variety. But it was a great one if you want to show the group many different ways to use scarves.

That’s all for now!


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