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Aurora's End by Amie Kaufman

Aurora's End by Amie Kaufman is the last book in the Aurora Cycle.

The end is near.

Squad 312 is fractured and lost in both space and time. Old wounds are reopened and the threat of total takeover seems eminent.

Aurora and Kal have been thrust into the future with the StarEater, along with a broken super weapon and no way home.

Zila, Fin, and Scarlett are stuck in the past, on a never ending loop ending in their death.

And Tyler is alone and the only one who knows that Aurora Station is being targeted for mass destruction.

How will Squad 312 get out of this one!

I was very much looking forward to this conclusion of the Aurora Cycle. After that serious cliffhanger in book two, man-oh-man was I ready for this one. And, although the book didn't disappoint, I wasn't as completely satisfied and thirsty to get through it as I was with the first two books. I think a major part of this was the separation of the squad throughout the majority of this book. The squads dynamic just brings this book to life and I found myself waiting and waiting to get the crew back together.

The loops with Zila, Fin and Scarlett were probably my favorite chapters in the book. Groundhog Day is not an original concept but it worked here and was fun, especially with these three.

The book ended a smidgen too cleanly for me, I think. Almost too much of a happy ending. Part of me was waiting for that heart wrenching moment like we got in book one with Cat's death. I wanted the drama, the cost to wielding power and surviving destruction. I know not everyone will agree with that, but in this book, I think some darkness would have gone a long way.

Overall, I am satisfied with this series and now I need to go out and find another space Odyssey read. This one gets 3.5 stars from me.

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