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A Whale of the Wild by Rosanne Perry

A Whale of the Wild by Rosanne Perry is a juvenile fiction book, probably best for 4-7th graders.

When a young orca whale is separated from her pod, she must do whatever it takes to find her way home.

For Vega, family is everything... well, family and the salmon the keeps her family alive. But Vega is young and has not yet learned everything she needs to know to lead her family. So, when tragedy strikes, Vega swims off on her own instead of staying with her pod.

Suddenly, disaster strikes, the ocean shakes and Vega and her brother Deneb are forced into the deep, further from home than they have ever been.

Will Vega be able to take charge of the situation and become the leader she needs to be to get her and her younger brother home?

Books like Whale of the Wild are a great way to incorporate some science into fiction. Personifying animals, makes what these creatures go through more relatable and readable vs. fact heavy non-fiction. And Perry is able to create this balance in the book. But, I just didn't enjoy reading this book. It just wasn't for me. I was hoping to use it for a STEM book club I run, but some of the scenes are a little too heavy and I found my self just wanting to get to the end to be done with it.

There will definitely be kids who enjoy this book. Vega is relatable in many ways and I think a lot of older siblings would relate to the "big sibling" role Vega plays with Deneb. There are also a lot a teaching moments that could be used in the classroom: salmon and orca migration patterns, sounds science and natural disasters just to name a few.

Though I am not singing it's praises, this book may appeal to boys and girls who enjoy books with personified animals. This book gets 3 stars from me.

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